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Welcome to The Money Vikings Blog and Podcast, a source of inspiration and ideas where we “conquer financial freedom!”  We are regular guys with families, doing what we can each day to build wealth and conquer our financial freedom.  Conquering financial freedom looks different for every individual, but there are dozens of ways to find one’s own path to True Wealth (combination of strong finances, health, family and friends).  We believe that most people can achieve this if they put their mind to it and take steps to move forward.  This site is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration!  We also believe that people with moderate incomes and middle class lives can build wealth through various sound practices and habits. We are all human and we are not perfect, but we can pick ourselves up and move forward to improve.  So what if we make some mistakes along the way, it does not mean we cannot achieve a solid net worth and enjoy a rich life.  There are hundreds of ideas one can deploy to make a substantial gain in their net worth and build wealth.  We are part of the FIRE (Financial Independence) movement and aiming to achieve this in our 40’s!

Why Vikings?  First of all we do not want to take ourselves too seriously here, we want this to be fun and entertaining.  Here is a summary of the Viking way to True Wealth:

  • True Wealth is living life on your own terms with a balance between money, family, freedom, etc.
  • A Viking’s voyage is challenging and there will be obstacles along his or her path.
  • Be resourceful, bring ideas and people together to achieve a wealthy and rich life.
  • A Viking never gives up.  It will take time but you can slay the dragons and enemies to wealth building.
  • We explore and analyze many ways to build passive income through stocks, dividends, real estate, bonds, etc.

Vikings were warriors and resourceful with what they had.  You will have to fight to achieve wealth and crush enemies like debt and rampant consumerism.  Let’s build wealth and achieve our best life through hard work and determination.  This blog is intended for entertainment purposes, please read the disclaimer below.


The Money Vikings (Greg, Jerry & Bob)

Disclaimer:  We are not financial professionals and this weblog (blog) is designed for entertainment purposes only.  We are regular folks who do research and present opinions to an audience in a fun way.  Our opinions should not be construed with the views of any organizations we may be affiliated with.  This blog does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of our employers.  It only represents the opinions of the authors.  If you need specific guidance on your own financial situation, please consult a financial fiduciary professional. The views expressed here are only those of the authors and in no way should be considered professional advice tailored to an individual’s particular situation.  This blog is designed for entertainment and informational purposes and should not be viewed as advice.  If a reader uses any information contained on this site, it’s at their own risk and the owners/authors of this blog are not liable.  The owners will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information.  The owners are not liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display of this information.  We make no guarantee of the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information presented.  Any information found is no substitute for professional advice.  The owners/authors of this blog reserve the right to change content and how the blog is managed at anytime. Feel free to leave comments, but the authors reserve the right to delete any comments for any reason whatsoever (especially if the comments are abusive, profane, rude or anonymous).  The blog owners are not responsible for the content in comments.  This blog disclaimer is subject to change at anytime. FTC Disclosure:  Per FTC rules, please assume that for every link and product on this site, the writers may have received some form of compensation.  And one more time, themoneyvikings.net is a personal website written, edited and designed by a few people.  We are not certified financial planners, investment advisors, CPA’s, retirement planners, etc.  We are just a few people sharing our own ideas and opinions.  None of the information contained on this site represents direction or advice.
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