The Investing Trifecta – Triple Net Worth In 8 Years

How I tripled my net worth in just 10 years.

Managing Good vs. Bad Debt

“Debt, an ingenious substitute for the chain and whip of the slave driver.” Ambrose Bierce, […]

The Power of Habits (5 simple ways to build good habits)

The Money Vikings explore all manner of ways to live a life of True Wealth. […]

Applying The “Konmari” Method To Finances (How To Declutter For Greater Energy & Success)

Using the Konmari Method for Your Finances.

Dividend Kings (Vikings) List – over 50 years of increasing!

Here is the updated list of Dividend Kings (Or what we call Dividend Vikings). I have highlighted and provide some info on some of my favorites

Is ARKX a Buy? Billionaires in Space! (and other ARK funds)

ARKX is a compelling way to gain exposure to the increasing space economy. ARKX could […]

The Man, The Myth, The Legend, join us this Sunday for the return of Brian, Gator Trader Nation!

On the Money Vikings Podcast #39 – Brian Reeves from and The Money Vikings get together for the first time, talking about Gann Fans, Chaos Theory, Brownian movements, Andrew’s Pitchfork and a few stocks we’re watching like MVIS, BNGO, CWSFF/CMC, UAVS. 

Everything Seems Overvalued, Quality Dividend Stocks For Now?!

Assets across the board seem fully valued and recovered strongly from the pandemic. Hard to […]

REITs vs. Private Real Estate Investing

Many Money Vikings know I have years of experience in real estate investing. From a […]

$3,353 Passive Dividend Income!

Here is an update my dividend focused portfolio. Finally got around to updating the dividend […]

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