The Money Vikings Podcast #40 – International Portfolios of Mystery

On the Money Vikings Podcast #40 -Bob, Jerry, and Greg discuss International Portfolios. Pasta, dim sum, tacos, what do they have in common? They are all delicious. It’s a global world everyone, where to find investing opportunities in international equities, let’s go globetrotting Ric Steve’s style through the back door, welcome to The Money Vikings podcast #40…

Cryptocurrency Credit Card? Coinbase VISA

Finally off the waiting list for my Cryptocurrency Credit Card – Coinbase prepaid debit VISA card!

BYND – Beyond Meat, but not Beyond my Strikes – Iron Condor Idea***HOT TRADES*** CLOSED FOR $75 PROFIT!

BYND has high IVR so try this iron condor:
Buy the 7/16 115 Put 
Sell the 7/16 120 Put
Sell the 7/16 180 Call
Buy the 7/16 185 Call
Aim for 1.67 in premium.

The Money Vikings Podcast #39 – A Fascinating Discussion on Technical Trading with Gator Trader’s Brian Reeves

On the Money Vikings Podcast #39 – Brian Reeves from and The Money Vikings get together for the first time, talking about Gann Fans, Chaos Theory, Brownian movements, Andrew’s Pitchfork and a few stocks we’re watching like MVIS, BNGO, CWSFF/CMC, UAVS. 

Will there be a Bitcoin BTC Death Cross this Weekend?

One popular indicator is the 50 and 200 Exponential Moving Averages on the daily timeframe. If the 50 (blue) crosses below the 200 (red) that’s considered bearish.

The Money Vikings Podcast #38 – Frugality & Trading Journal Techniques

Dude, where’s my money? Keeping track of trades and developing your investment systems for success…And frugality ideas from our friends at Chinchilla Picking, what is a Chinchilla? And are they frugal? We answer all this and more…

The Money Vikings Podcast #37 – Back to Basics

On the Money Vikings Podcast #37 – Laser eyes, diamond hands, NFT’s, what the hell? I don’t know, how about some good old fashioned Vanguard Funds, Dividend Aristocrats and Real Estate? Let’s explore some of our favorite classic investing workhorses, they may not be sexy, but they do the job, WELCOME TO THE MONEY VIKINGS PODCAST #37!

The Money Vikings Podcast #36 – Grid Bot Trading with KuCoin for Passive Income

On the Money Vikings Podcast #36 – Bob and Jerry discuss Elon’s tweets and the impact on the Crypto Markets. The Main Topic is about earning passive income with Grid Trading with Bots.

How to Make Passive Income by Grid Trading with Crypto Trading Bots

Learn how to use a couple free crypto trading apps and free bots to earn passive income using the Basic Grid Trading Strategy.

The Money Vikings Podcast #35 – MVIS, WTF Happened?! Robinhood Addiction, Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme, Buffett/Munger, Together Again, Drinking a Coke!

On the Money Vikings Podcast #35 – Greg, Bob, and Jerry Discuss this week in MVIS (Microvision), Robinhood Investing Gamification, Is Bitcoin a ponzi scheme, and Buffett/Munger sharing a Coke (with 2 straws). We also have an open invitation for Sumit Sharma (CEO of MVIS) to join us on our show.

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