Microvision, still MVI-YES, Or is it Meh-VIS?

Not too excited about Meh-VIS right now. by ReadyFor401k on TradingView.com It appears we are […]

The Money Vikings Podcast #42 – Talking Penny Stocks with the PennyQueen

Money Vikings Podcast 42-How does 1,000% return sound? Pretty good. We dive into the world of OTC investing with her majesty, The Penny Queen!

TRCH – Stop throwing water on my fire! ***HOT TRADES***

TRCH – This is a test of the 50% Principle – Retracement needed by ReadyFor401k […]

TRCH – Better than lighting fires with a match

TRCH – Squeezin’ out lemons to make lemonade by ReadyFor401k on TradingView.com TRCH is looking […]

AMC – Apes to the Moon?

AMC appears to be on a breakout from a Bull Flag formation. Looking for a retest at the $72 mark. This will determine continued uptrend or reversal.

SPY – Updated Observation. Looking a little weak.

Whether you’re saving for retirement, are protecting your “tendies”, these are the things you need to be aware of and protect against.

MVIS -As I type this, she did exactly what I anticipated!!

MVIS….Whatsappeniiinnngg?? Hint: What do you drink out of? by ReadyFor401k on TradingView.com MVIS is going […]

***WARNING*** SPY not lookin’ too hot. I’ll show you why…

Bob (readyFor401k) goes over the signs in the Market that a correction is on the horizon. Good thing to be aware of and keep watching!

REI – Ring Energy, Inc ***HOT TRADES***

This is a pure technical and fundamental profit play. This ticker is showing all the signs of a 500%+ uptrend in the near future. My play will be in December Calls, supported by 1,000 or more shares to cover with.

MVIS! – Polished her axe and ready to run into battle

MVIS is waking back up and showing signs for the next break out towards $30. This has us excited. HOOLDDD….HOOLLLLDD!….HOOLLLDD!!!

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