Pandemic Times Tip #4 (Love and Listen)

Let’s face it, everyone is a bit stressed right now. And everyone has been impacted […]

Pandemic Times Tip #3 , A Gratitude Poster

This is clearly a challenging time for most of us. In some way all of […]

The First Step to Wealth

It’s early in 2020, therefore we are still focused on those “new decade” resolutions. How […]

30 Day Challenge – Make 🥚 Eggs! 🐣

Day 17 of our 30 day financial challenge, where we challenge ourselves to make one […]

5 Ways to Reduce Financial Stress

I read a recent poll that said over half of Americans have cried about their […]

Fix it with Duct Tape! (30 Day Small Steps Challenge)

Fix it with Duct Tape. Why buy a new one when you can fix your old one?

Day 5 – Use Your Rewards (30 Day Small Steps Challenge)

Be sure to check your wallet for coupons, gift cards, rewards points, and even spare cash before you purchase something at full price. 

Day 4 – DIY Advantage (30 Day Small Steps Challenge)

DIY can be cost saving and rewarding, but remember safety first!

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