The Investing Trifecta – Triple Net Worth In 8 Years

How I tripled my net worth in just 10 years.

Managing Good vs. Bad Debt

“Debt, an ingenious substitute for the chain and whip of the slave driver.” Ambrose Bierce, […]

The Power of Habits (5 simple ways to build good habits)

The Money Vikings explore all manner of ways to live a life of True Wealth. […]

Applying The “Konmari” Method To Finances (How To Declutter For Greater Energy & Success)

Using the Konmari Method for Your Finances.

Psychological Money Tricks – Ch. 4 of Conquer Financial Freedom

CHAPTER 4 Psychological Money Tricks Succeeding in life and financially can be mostly a psychological […]

Managing Good vs. Bad Debt

Our Money Vikings book includes an early discussion on debt, because that is how most […]

Money Viking Book – A note on True Wealth

Each week in 2020 we will be posting another chapter of our Money Viking book […]

Gen X Money – Financial Independence for Generation X

did you know that Gen Xer’s are now between the ages of 40-54 years old? Wow! How did that happen? Like many Gen Xer’s I ask myself where did the last couple of decades go? College ended almost 20 years ago and time went into warpdrive! Well, we have been busy going to school, working hard in our careers, adding value to the world and raising our families.

Money Vikings Book Excerpt – Ch. 2 Back to Basics

Here is another excerpt from the Money Vikings Book about conquering financial freedom. Sometimes we […]

A Financial Plan Template

75% of Americans lack a financial plan. And 6 out of 10 live paycheck to […]

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