Money Viking Book Excerpt – Ch. 13 Simple Financial Math

At some point during our usually lame financial education (if one even exists in the […]

Psychological Money Tips For Success – Money Viking Book Excerpt

Here is another excerpt from the Money Viking’s book “Conquer Financial Freedom”, coming out later […]

12 Things That My 90 Year Old Grandfather Taught Me About Money & Life

As some Money Viking readers may know, many of my posts on this blog are actually […]

8 Ways To Take Your Finances To The Next Level

There is an amazing world out there of bloggers that focus on building high quality dividend stock portfolios, us being one of them. Dividends are magical to me for one simple reason. In a matter of minutes anyone can build a small passive income machine using dividends.

How To Thrive In Today’s Middle Class

Let’s be honest, it can be hard to get ahead as a middle class family […]

5 Personal Finance Rules (With A Viking Twist!)

 In this article we cover “rules of thumb” for 5 major categories of finance. Housing […]

Actions Required For Financial Independence (Viking FI!)

  In this article we break down the math and habits for reaching financial independence […]

Jack Bogle – Investing & Life Tips

I first was introduced to Vanguard investing about 20 years ago. I purchased my first […]

5 Figure Passive Income

Ok, so 5 figures is not some rock star amount of money, but hey, you […]

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