Managing Good vs. Bad Debt

“Debt, an ingenious substitute for the chain and whip of the slave driver.” Ambrose Bierce, […]

Money Vikings Channel Added to Discord Group

We are proud and happy to announce that a Money Vikings Channel has been added […]

“On a knifes edge” The Tale of the Market That Always Went…Up?

Many moons ago, in the 1980’s to be exact, we saw the rise of the […]

Money Vikings Listed As Top Personal Finance Blog of 2021 – We are very honored to announce that The Money Vikings blog and podcast […]

The Money Vikings Podcast #27 – Dogecoin Doge to the Moon Dogebowl and Unknown Market Wizards Review by Jack Schwager

On Podcast #27, Greg, Bob, and Jerry discuss Dogecoin, the people’s currency, and discuss best practices for trading according to Unknown Market Wizards, by Jack Schwager. 

Seeking Alpha – How to Gain Knowledge and Have Power

We all know “knowledge is power”. Why? As people gain more knowledge, they have choices […]

Managing Good vs. Bad Debt

Our Money Vikings book includes an early discussion on debt, because that is how most […]

Money Viking Book – A note on True Wealth

Each week in 2020 we will be posting another chapter of our Money Viking book […]

Money Vikings Book Excerpt – Ch. 2 Back to Basics

Here is another excerpt from the Money Vikings Book about conquering financial freedom. Sometimes we […]

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