Applying The “Konmari” Method To Finances (How To Declutter For Greater Energy & Success)

Using the Konmari Method for Your Finances.

5 Levels of Financial Health and Independence

  We cover a way to assess our financial health in various stages Goal is […]

The Money Vikings Podcast #19 – The Thanksgiving Episode – Tips for Saving Money as a Family

On Podcast #19, Jerry, Greg, and Cindy discuss tips and tricks for saving money during the holiday season for families.

Pandemic Times Tip #4 (Love and Listen)

Let’s face it, everyone is a bit stressed right now. And everyone has been impacted […]

How to Set Up a Minecraft Server for Your Kids

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be tough for children to play with each other. Playing minecraft together is a wonderful way to hang out virtually.

7 Ways To Enhance Financial Defense During Covid 19

Update: As the US flails at containing the virus, many things in the investing world […]

7 Ways To Thrive During Coronavirus Lockdown

We are certainly collectively living through uncharted territory. Remember we are social creatures in general, now living in a world of extreme social distancing. We are now living within our self contained home bubbles in very close proximities to our immediate family members. I went from being around my wife (whom I love very much) about a couple hours a day, to now 24/7 within the same 2,000 sq. feet.

FIRE – More Important Than Ever? (How to cope with the Pandemic)

So, how is everyone’s 2020 going? I do not know about you, but holy sh%$!t, […]

Gen X Money – Financial Independence for Generation X

did you know that Gen Xer’s are now between the ages of 40-54 years old? Wow! How did that happen? Like many Gen Xer’s I ask myself where did the last couple of decades go? College ended almost 20 years ago and time went into warpdrive! Well, we have been busy going to school, working hard in our careers, adding value to the world and raising our families.

Free Birthday Food! (There is such thing as a free lunch)

Most of the wealthy people I know appreciate free or discounted things. Don’t we all […]

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