Managing The “Happiness Curve” – 10 Ways I Am Enhancing My 40’s

”Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” I am now in my 40’s. Diligently plugging […]

8 Exercise Hacks For Busy Frugal People

When I see those fancy Peloton commercials I have to admit I feel a bit […]

Too Many Toys – Part II (LOL! You’re Broke!)

As most modern parents, we continue the battle against TOO MANY TOYS! It’s hard, I […]

Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books?  I have fond memories of checking […]

The Trouble With Money

I love well written and illustrated children’s books.  In fact, I have published a children’s […]

8 Ways to Survive the Daily Grind

For those of us still working and not yet “financially free” Money Vikings, we need […]

5 Skills to Harness Wealth Building

  Vikings needed skills to navigate and survive in a challenging environment.  You will need […]

Divorce is Toxic to Wealth Building – Actions to Mitigate

Be careful who you marry and work things out during the normal ups and downs, […], How to make sure your kids don’t waste $ with Google Play, iTunes, or Nintendo Acct

One of my favorite apps this year has been It’s main purpose is to […]

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