Realty Income (O) Dividend Increase & Update – The Monthly Dividend Company

Realty Income is a great example of a dividend machine that just keeps on spinning off income to investors. O generates stable and predictable income. I think of O as a sleep well at night investment vehicle. Sure, it will have its ups and downs like all stocks and companies, but many analysts see this as a great long term dividend stock to own.

Sources of Income in Retirement – Several Ways

What will you do? It is a big question that one must think about: What […]

Money Viking Podcasts! New Today! Portfolio Review

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join us today for a new Money […]

Get Rich Off Bitcoin Without Buying A Single BTC

Bitcoin is a high risk investment, could skyrocket and could crash quickly. Bitcoin is hard […]

7 Ways To Thrive During Coronavirus Lockdown

We are certainly collectively living through uncharted territory. Remember we are social creatures in general, now living in a world of extreme social distancing. We are now living within our self contained home bubbles in very close proximities to our immediate family members. I went from being around my wife (whom I love very much) about a couple hours a day, to now 24/7 within the same 2,000 sq. feet.

FIRE – More Important Than Ever? (How to cope with the Pandemic)

So, how is everyone’s 2020 going? I do not know about you, but holy sh%$!t, […]

6 Ways to Be a “Horrible” Consumer

Ways To Be A “Horrible” Consumer I was throwing around some ideas the other day […]

Psychological Money Tricks – Ch. 4 of Conquer Financial Freedom

CHAPTER 4 Psychological Money Tricks Succeeding in life and financially can be mostly a psychological […]

Managing Good vs. Bad Debt

Our Money Vikings book includes an early discussion on debt, because that is how most […]

Money Viking Book – A note on True Wealth

Each week in 2020 we will be posting another chapter of our Money Viking book […]

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