Jacobs Engineering ***HOT TRADES***

Invest in infrastructure, Jacobs Engineering. Consider purchasing 10 shares for increased infrastructure exposure. Add more over time to Dollar Cost Average in. Alternatively, if you are more bullish and want to take advantage of the low IVR of 3.8% (which means options are cheap) you might also consider buying the July 16th, 2021 145 strike call for 3.35

Amazon Did Not Kill The Mall Yet? – $SPG, $O, $STOR

The Sky is Falling! Once again, let’s look back a year ago. The world was […]

MVIS! – Polished her axe and ready to run into battle

MVIS is waking back up and showing signs for the next break out towards $30. This has us excited. HOOLDDD….HOOLLLLDD!….HOOLLLDD!!!

Cleveland Biolabs – CBLI – We’re in it!

Currently the July Calls are in the $7 range and have been priced around $1.25 for the past couple weeks. This could be a near term profit take, or a long term hold.

Get Wasted! Cielo Waste Solutions (CWSFF / CMC)

Quick Technical Analysis and assessment of Cielo Waste Solutions. This is a must buy stock and highly rated by the Money Vikings.

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