The Power of Habits (5 simple ways to build good habits)

The Money Vikings explore all manner of ways to live a life of True Wealth. […]

Applying The “Konmari” Method To Finances (How To Declutter For Greater Energy & Success)

Using the Konmari Method for Your Finances.

Become Wealthy & Quit! (From Burnout to F.I.R.E.)

You Are Not Alone You are not the only one. The numbers are in and […]

4th of July Special – 4 Ways to Become Wealthy In America

The USA is awesome and has a unique combination of characteristics that have made us […]

Money Vikings Listed As Top Personal Finance Blog of 2021 – We are very honored to announce that The Money Vikings blog and podcast […]

Pandemic Times Tip #4 (Love and Listen)

Let’s face it, everyone is a bit stressed right now. And everyone has been impacted […]

Pandemic Times Tip #3 , A Gratitude Poster

This is clearly a challenging time for most of us. In some way all of […]

7 Ways To Thrive During Coronavirus Lockdown

We are certainly collectively living through uncharted territory. Remember we are social creatures in general, now living in a world of extreme social distancing. We are now living within our self contained home bubbles in very close proximities to our immediate family members. I went from being around my wife (whom I love very much) about a couple hours a day, to now 24/7 within the same 2,000 sq. feet.

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