The Money Vikings Podcast #37 – Back to Basics

On the Money Vikings Podcast #37 – Laser eyes, diamond hands, NFT’s, what the hell? I don’t know, how about some good old fashioned Vanguard Funds, Dividend Aristocrats and Real Estate? Let’s explore some of our favorite classic investing workhorses, they may not be sexy, but they do the job, WELCOME TO THE MONEY VIKINGS PODCAST #37!

Dear Elon, Please Develop Your Own Cryptocurrency! Tesla Coin!

Value and Controversy For many years now, Jerry, Bob and I have pondered some simple […]

The Money Vikings Podcast #36 – Grid Bot Trading with KuCoin for Passive Income

On the Money Vikings Podcast #36 – Bob and Jerry discuss Elon’s tweets and the impact on the Crypto Markets. The Main Topic is about earning passive income with Grid Trading with Bots.

The Money Vikings Podcast #35 – MVIS, WTF Happened?! Robinhood Addiction, Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme, Buffett/Munger, Together Again, Drinking a Coke!

On the Money Vikings Podcast #35 – Greg, Bob, and Jerry Discuss this week in MVIS (Microvision), Robinhood Investing Gamification, Is Bitcoin a ponzi scheme, and Buffett/Munger sharing a Coke (with 2 straws). We also have an open invitation for Sumit Sharma (CEO of MVIS) to join us on our show.

The Money Vikings Podcast #34 – BTC PLUNGES?!?! What is Money? Defi to blow your mind! Stablecoins? MVIS to the Moon, Our NFT Art Auction Update

The Money Vikings Podcast #34 – DEFI to “Blow Your Mind!” NFT Art Auction Update, I’m a crappy Picasso, and Why Is Money Such a Critical Human Invention? Welcome to TMV podcast #34!

Is This Real Art? Is It Real Money? What? The Money Vikings Minted an NFT, How About You?

Check out our next NFT work of art up for auction: Is it real art? […]

The Money Vikings Podcast #33 – Minting an NFT experiment. Financial Spring Cleaning. Your Bitcoin or Your Life?

The Money Vikings Podcast #33 – Minting NFT art, spring cleaning for finances, and how to invest in simple and predictable business. Your Bitcoin or Your Life?

The Money Vikings Podcast #32 – The Crypto Episode, and Why do the Gas Fees on Tokenized Farts Stink So Much?

How can you earn 6% interest on your BTC by staking it to the man? Why does the gas from tokenized farts stink so badly?

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