The Power of Habits (5 simple ways to build good habits)

The Money Vikings explore all manner of ways to live a life of True Wealth. […]

4th of July Special – 4 Ways to Become Wealthy In America

The USA is awesome and has a unique combination of characteristics that have made us […]

The Money Vikings Podcast #40 – International Portfolios of Mystery

On the Money Vikings Podcast #40 -Bob, Jerry, and Greg discuss International Portfolios. Pasta, dim sum, tacos, what do they have in common? They are all delicious. It’s a global world everyone, where to find investing opportunities in international equities, let’s go globetrotting Ric Steve’s style through the back door, welcome to The Money Vikings podcast #40…

The Money Vikings Podcast Episode 4 – Iron Condors & Millionaire Habits

This week, Greg and Jerry cover the basics of Iron Condors, and millionaire habits for growing wealth in your life.

Abbvie (ABBV) Dividend Aristocrat Review

Take a look at ABBV, a Dividend Aristocrat and potential candidate for a covered call options trade! Hope you enjoy learning more about AbbVie.

Berkshire Buffett Forever Stock BRK-B (How to be a great investor & person)

I enjoy learning about Warren Buffett. He is an American icon. I also like owning […]

Dear Stock Market – Please Crash!

Dear Stock Market, you have been so good to us for a decade, now please […]

How To Be The Next Millionaire Next Door

  When I was about 20 years old I came across the book The Millionaire […]

Frugality – 10 Ways to be more Frugal

One of our heroes here at The Money Vikings is good old Ben Franklin.  First […]

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