The Money Vikings Podcast #32 – The Crypto Episode, and Why do the Gas Fees on Tokenized Farts Stink So Much?

How can you earn 6% interest on your BTC by staking it to the man? Why does the gas from tokenized farts stink so badly?

The Money Vikings Podcast #27 – Dogecoin Doge to the Moon Dogebowl and Unknown Market Wizards Review by Jack Schwager

On Podcast #27, Greg, Bob, and Jerry discuss Dogecoin, the people’s currency, and discuss best practices for trading according to Unknown Market Wizards, by Jack Schwager. 

The Money Vikings Podcast #26 – The GameStop Fiasco, Robinhood Halts Trading of Stonks and Why?

On Podcast #26, Greg, Bob, and Jerry discuss the Reddit Army, GameStop $GME events, Robinhood, #silversqueeze #dogetothemoon, Melvin Capital

The Money Vikings Podcast #14 –Indicators for Trading Stocks & Options

Jerry,  Greg, and Bob discuss indicators for trading such as the SMA, EMA, RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD and how to use them for fun and profit!

The Money Vikings Podcast #12 – Pairs Trading with tastyworks and How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

Greg and Jerry discuss futures pairs trading, and $XOM potential rebound with a cash secured put,, and a Real Estate Primer.

The Money Vikings Podcast #7 – 12 Things My 90 Year Old Grandfather Taught Me About Money & Life

Who’s the favorite grandchild, Bob or Greg? Listen in as they share their beloved grandfathers advice for living a successful and healthy life–no matter what generation you were born. Is there an easy way to get to one million dollars? Let’s find out! 

The Money Vikings Podcast #6 – Synthetic Dividends with Covered Calls

Jerry confesses he scalped too much this week and made his brokerage very rich off commissions following the 2 legged pullback strategy. Jerry covers covered calls, making $GLD pay us if it doesn’t appreciate. Greg covers dividend aristocrats, or as we like to call them, “Dividend Vikings” Bob covers a stock with huge potential, $MVIS.

The Money Vikings Podcast #5 – Does Robinhood Lead to Investing Addiction?

Do you obsessively check your portfolio several times a day? Do you enter complex trades before you understand what the risk is? Do you make big bets and chase rising stocks before doing your due diligence? Greg and Jerry invite their first guest to the podcast, Bob! We discuss things to be mindful of when investing in stocks and Robinhood addiction. 

The Money Vikings Podcast Episode 4 – Iron Condors & Millionaire Habits

This week, Greg and Jerry cover the basics of Iron Condors, and millionaire habits for growing wealth in your life.

The Money Vikings Podcast Episode 3 – The Investing Trifecta and Back to the Futures!

This week, Greg and I cover the Investing Trifecta, and how to triple your net worth in 8 years by following 3 simple rules. Then we go back to the futures.

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