Dr. Dow Jones Predictions, 44,000!?

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth I picked up a great book about 18 years ago called Ordinary […]

Is the Stock Market About to Crash? (and what to do about it)

We discuss the potential for a stock market crash, (Is another one around the corner?) […]

4th of July Special – 4 Ways to Become Wealthy In America

The USA is awesome and has a unique combination of characteristics that have made us […]

Redwood Trust (RWT), Essential Properties (EPRT), Enbridge (ENB) Etc. – Yield Trees to the Sky!

  3 REIT Buys I am making: Redwood Trust (RWT), Essential Properties Realty Trust (EPRT), […]

5 Levels of Financial Health and Independence

  We cover a way to assess our financial health in various stages Goal is […]

Money Vikings Channel Added to Gator-Traders.com Discord Group

We are proud and happy to announce that a Money Vikings Channel has been added […]

Real Estate Investment Trusts (Real Estate Cash Flow, REITs, Great Addition to Portfolio) (MPW, O, STOR, etc.)

I would sure like to invest in real estate, but can’t even hammer a nail […]

6 Health Reasons to Drink Coffee, (SBUX) Starbucks Investment & Building Wealth

On a journey of financial, physical and mental health, I like to find ways to […]

2021 De-Clutter Finances & Life (Post Pandemic Wealth & Health)

Let’s face it, pandemics are no fun! It has been a roller coaster of a […]

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