6 Ways to Be a “Horrible” Consumer

Ways To Be A “Horrible” Consumer I was throwing around some ideas the other day […]

Buy Nothing Project

Frugal Communities Have you heard of The Buy Nothing Project? A neighbor of ours introduced […]

Smartly – Target’s New Line of Products for the Budget Conscious Shopper!

Sometimes, even extreme couponing activities don’t beat the house brand or private label. Last week […]

10 Ways To Stop Wasting Your Precious Money, Resources & Time

Sometimes in life it is the little things that add up. In personal finance, we […]

Building A Brick House – How You Can Build A Strong Financial Foundation

I love literature and fairy tales. I am a big Disney fan for the love of the […]

6 Travel Hacks for Families On the Go

Many families are travelling for the holidays and that means extra strain on our budgets. With proper and planning, these 6 travel hacks will save you a lot of money.

How I Saved $345/year by Changing Gas Stations

How one can save hundreds of dollars a year by making small tweaks to their daily routine.

CVS Stock & Save With CVS Brands

CVS merging with Aetna is a transformative integrated platform to deliver healthcare $77 Billion acquisition […]

Frugality – 10 Ways to be more Frugal

One of our heroes here at The Money Vikings is good old Ben Franklin.  First […]

5 Decisions That Added Hundreds of Thousands to Net Worth

5 things to do to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to net worth!

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