How Elon Musk Bought Me A Cup of Coffee

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Is CashApp Boost Disrupting the Starbucks Gold Rewards Program?

Can Your Passive Income Earn You More Passive Income?

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Shopping Hacks for 2020

Never pay full price for anything. When shopping for a a service, meal, or product, there are many avenues for getting discounts besides the cash back rewards trick. Advanced shopping ninjas will quickly learn how to combine two or more of these options for optimal savings.

Saving at the Gas Pump

Some cash back credit cards are offering 3% or more cash back on gas. Is that really the best way to go?

How I Saved $345/year by Changing Gas Stations

How one can save hundreds of dollars a year by making small tweaks to their daily routine.

How I got $600 Dollars Worth Of Target Buying Power for $530 using Cartwheel, iBotta, eBates and Raise

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6% Back on Groceries, Conquer Financial Freedom!

Groceries are usually a large monthly expense. Buying good quality foods at affordable prices is […]

Stop getting “Nickel and Dimed” with stupid charges and claim those rewards!

Sometimes it’s easier to just pay a fee and go with inertia. But I’m telling […]

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