Roll Your Own Solar & Electric Vehicles (Free Power From The Sun)

Build your own DIY solar

Fix it with Duct Tape! (30 Day Small Steps Challenge)

Fix it with Duct Tape. Why buy a new one when you can fix your old one?

Day 4 – DIY Advantage (30 Day Small Steps Challenge)

DIY can be cost saving and rewarding, but remember safety first!

8 Exercise Hacks For Busy Frugal People

When I see those fancy Peloton commercials I have to admit I feel a bit […]

Build a Home Gym (Enjoyable Exercise Persists)

It’s almost that time a year again.  New year’s dreams of living a more healthy […]

Home Brewing for Vikings! (The Wealth Building Effect of Making Things)

DIY and mastering things is a cool component of building true wealth. Here is a home brewing example.

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