LULU – Earnings Iron Condor Options Play for Lulu Lemon – CLOSED FOR 32% ROI in 2 DAYS!

CLOSED FOR 32% ROI in 2 DAYS! Lulu Lemon Iron Condor idea for earnings on 6/3/21 after market close. Buy the 6/18 290 put, Sell the 6/18 295 put, Sell the 6/18 345 call, Buy the 6/18 350 call #hottrades

Is ARKX a Buy? Billionaires in Space! (and other ARK funds)

ARKX is a compelling way to gain exposure to the increasing space economy. ARKX could […]

The Money Vikings Podcast #44 – Trades and Discussions For the Coming Weeks in a Market That Makes No Sense

First there was Indiana Jones, then came the Wolverine, and finally Gator’s joined forces with Vikings!!!! This makes no sense, they are just cool things. Join us as we discuss our top stocks and investment moves now in a market that makes no sense!!! Welcome to the Money Vikings Podcast #44, The Return of Brian!!!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend, join us this Sunday for the return of Brian, Gator Trader Nation!

On the Money Vikings Podcast #39 – Brian Reeves from and The Money Vikings get together for the first time, talking about Gann Fans, Chaos Theory, Brownian movements, Andrew’s Pitchfork and a few stocks we’re watching like MVIS, BNGO, CWSFF/CMC, UAVS. 

Everything Seems Overvalued, Quality Dividend Stocks For Now?!

Assets across the board seem fully valued and recovered strongly from the pandemic. Hard to […]

REITs vs. Private Real Estate Investing

Many Money Vikings know I have years of experience in real estate investing. From a […]

The Money Vikings Podcast #43 – What Do Dividends Stocks & Fruit Trees Have in Common?

On Podcast #43, we speak with  Matthew D. Ramey, Chief Numbers Guy of & author of Simple Investing.

$3,353 Passive Dividend Income!

Here is an update my dividend focused portfolio. Finally got around to updating the dividend […]

Ethereum Could Overtake Bitcoin, ETH 2.0 Game Changer

With Bitcoin shooting through the stratosphere in value over the last couple months, many are diving into the universe of cryptocurrencies. Many folks may not even know there are literally thousands of cryptocurrencies swirling about beyond Bitcoin. Some are serious endeavors designed to solve problems while others are simply jokes named after someone’s dog. In this post we discuss the second most popular crypto: Ethereum

We have owned some Ethereum off and on for several years now. In fact, at one point the price rose so high that Jerry paid off his car. But what is this Ethereum? How is it similar and different from Bitcoin? And can it rise to Bitcoin levels of value?

Become Wealthy & Quit! (From Burnout to F.I.R.E.)

You Are Not Alone You are not the only one. The numbers are in and […]

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