Support Our Site with Crypto Mining!

A crypto miner!? Yes, and it’s not pure evil either. By starting up the miner below inside your browser, you’re mining a currency called monero that goes into a mining pool that gives us some tiny pieces of that currency. Enough of those can be traded for real money on crypto exchanges. Monero is known for being a private, untraceable currency. Now it’s becoming associated with criminal activity since people run these miners in your browser without asking you first, and the pirate bay apparently did this.

If you choose, you can run the crypto miner below at the speed and processing power you wish to run it. When you stop it, or close the tab, it stops too, and does not linger on your computer.

Thanks For Your CPU Time. (And real time too for reading this!)


WARNING: If you run the widget above, your phone may become hot or the fan on your desktop or laptop’s cpu may start to run. Other apps may also slow down. This is supposed to be happening because the computer’s cpu & your electricity is what you’re donating. If you want to stop the mining, stop the miner or close the tab.