5 Ways To Break The “Having Fun” Spending Arms Race!

Do you ever look at social media and notice how much “more” fun all your other friends are having compared to you?

Smartly – Target’s New Line of Products for the Budget Conscious Shopper!

Sometimes, even extreme couponing activities don’t beat the house brand or private label. Last week […]

How I Saved $345/year by Changing Gas Stations

How one can save hundreds of dollars a year by making small tweaks to their daily routine.

5 Ways to Reduce Financial Stress

I read a recent poll that said over half of Americans have cried about their […]

Our $51k Budget (excluding mortgage), Simple Budget Worksheet

Budgets are about more than numbers. Here is mine and my simple methods that work for us!

12 Little Things Making You Poorer

Avoid these 12 little things that waste your money and can sink a financial ship!

Never Pay for Gas Again!

Ok, so this tagline may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but not by […]

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