The Money Vikings Podcast #6 – Synthetic Dividends with Covered Calls

Jerry confesses he scalped too much this week and made his brokerage very rich off commissions following the 2 legged pullback strategy. Jerry covers covered calls, making $GLD pay us if it doesn’t appreciate. Greg covers dividend aristocrats, or as we like to call them, “Dividend Vikings” Bob covers a stock with huge potential, $MVIS.

Abbvie (ABBV) Dividend Aristocrat Review

Take a look at ABBV, a Dividend Aristocrat and potential candidate for a covered call options trade! Hope you enjoy learning more about AbbVie.

Covered Calls and Dividend Stocks – 6 Criteria For A Covered Call Pick

Dividend Stocks versus Covered Call Stocks. Why you might not want to pick the same stock for each category.

Money Viking Cartoon III, Covered Call Options

I know this ones sounds complicated, but Jerry has been making some extra money on […]

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