How I Got Starbucks to Pay For My Coffee Addiction, For Life!

If you buy enough Starbucks stock, the dividends will pay for your coffee addiction!

AT&T Beats Earnings by .01, Stock up over 4%!

A look at AT&T (T) and it’s high dividend. It bear earnings. Most analysts have a buy-hold recommendation. Will HBO Max help?

3 Criteria for Long Term Hold Dividend Stocks

3 Criteria for Long Term Hold Dividend Stocks   1. Earnings per share, EPS: This […]

“Viking” Terms For Financial Independence

Money and financial education can become powerful resources. In many ways the whole personal finance […]

GM (General Motors) Dividend Snapshot, #1 American Automaker

  GM stock is currently offering a 4.8% dividend yield at the current price of […]

General Electric, GE Dividend (can they still bring good things to life?)

Can the iconic GE turn things around and add shareholder value? Potential value play?

Dividend Advantage (Passive Income Machine)

Building a passive income dividend machine one share at a time.

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