The Investing Trifecta – Triple Net Worth In 8 Years

How I tripled my net worth in just 10 years.

The Money Vikings Podcast #43 – What Do Dividends Stocks & Fruit Trees Have in Common?

On Podcast #43, we speak with  Matthew D. Ramey, Chief Numbers Guy of & author of Simple Investing.

$3,353 Passive Dividend Income!

Here is an update my dividend focused portfolio. Finally got around to updating the dividend […]

Real Estate Investment Trusts (Real Estate Cash Flow, REITs, Great Addition to Portfolio) (MPW, O, STOR, etc.)

I would sure like to invest in real estate, but can’t even hammer a nail […]

The “Ride My Bike” Portfolio

S&P 500 INDEX FUNDS (30%)
CASH (10%)

A “Sleep at Night” Portfolio (No Worries Portfolio)

My “Sleep at Night” Portfolio In this article we present a portfolio allocation that we […]

The Money Vikings Podcast #18 – Dividend Investing for Passive Income

Jerry, Greg, and Bob discuss dividend investing, and highlight 3 interesting stocks for consideration: $O, $AAPL, $T. Build passive income!

The Money Vikings Podcast #7 – 12 Things My 90 Year Old Grandfather Taught Me About Money & Life

Who’s the favorite grandchild, Bob or Greg? Listen in as they share their beloved grandfathers advice for living a successful and healthy life–no matter what generation you were born. Is there an easy way to get to one million dollars? Let’s find out! 

The Money Vikings Podcast #6 – Synthetic Dividends with Covered Calls

Jerry confesses he scalped too much this week and made his brokerage very rich off commissions following the 2 legged pullback strategy. Jerry covers covered calls, making $GLD pay us if it doesn’t appreciate. Greg covers dividend aristocrats, or as we like to call them, “Dividend Vikings” Bob covers a stock with huge potential, $MVIS.

The Money Vikings Podcast Episode 3 – The Investing Trifecta and Back to the Futures!

This week, Greg and I cover the Investing Trifecta, and how to triple your net worth in 8 years by following 3 simple rules. Then we go back to the futures.

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