The Money Vikings Podcast #46 – Winning the Loser’s Game

SHOW #46, winning the losers game, timeless strategies for successful investing, and the Return of the Munger Down under

The Money Vikings Podcast #45 – How To Trade Successfully with a 9 to 5 Job

A friendly wager from some Chinchillas, Is crypto back? And how do we manage trades during the week? This episode may be like walking out of a thrift store with a dumbell, a Members Only jacket, a Lord of The Rings DVD and a Dr. Phil book…All this and guaranteed shenanigans on The Money Vikings podcast #45…

AT&T Beats Earnings by .01, Stock up over 4%!

A look at AT&T (T) and it’s high dividend. It bear earnings. Most analysts have a buy-hold recommendation. Will HBO Max help?

Bullish Apple Call Gone Bad in an Options Trade

On 11/19/18 AAPL was trading in the 184$-$190 range. I bought a $220 call option […]

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