ARKK – Sell a Naked Cash Secured Put ***HOT TRADES*** [CLOSED FOR 50$ PROFIT]

ARKK – Sell a Naked Cash Secured Put *HOT TRADES* This is a simple, bullish trade for AARK. Sell to open the 7/16 102 Put collecting 1.33

The Money Vikings Podcast #40 – International Portfolios of Mystery

On the Money Vikings Podcast #40 -Bob, Jerry, and Greg discuss International Portfolios. Pasta, dim sum, tacos, what do they have in common? They are all delicious. It’s a global world everyone, where to find investing opportunities in international equities, let’s go globetrotting Ric Steve’s style through the back door, welcome to The Money Vikings podcast #40…

The Money Vikings Podcast #13 –Putting Your Investment Philosophy on an Index Card, QQQ, ARKK, and ETFs vs Individual Stocks Debate

Greg, Jerry, and Bob discuss their investment philosophy on an index card, Debate individual stocks vs ETFs. $TSLA $QQQ $ARKK

My First Foray into Futures Trading – /CL

I decided to try trading options on futures. I chose WTI (/CL). 1 Futures contract of /CL represents 1000 barrels of oil. Each tick is .001, and that represents 10$. /CL is currently trading around 60$ per contract, so the notional value of 1 futures contract in total is $60,000. So why consider futures?

Robinhood Cash Account Hack

Why let Robinhood earn all the interest from your cash when you could put it to work for you in your account, and sell it right before you decide to make your next trade!

Sector Investing Ideas

What if you could predict which sectors would do well and which ones would tank based on doing some homework?

The “Swap Out” – Hunting for Lower Price ETFs

Imagine you could save 1000s of dollars by swapping out expensive funds with cheaper funds that do the same thing.

How I’m Limiting My Monthly Expenses To Invest More in Robinhood, Stash and Acorns

Once you begin to get into the habit of monthly saving, you can quickly build wealth!

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