LULU – Earnings Iron Condor Options Play for Lulu Lemon – CLOSED FOR 32% ROI in 2 DAYS!

CLOSED FOR 32% ROI in 2 DAYS! Lulu Lemon Iron Condor idea for earnings on 6/3/21 after market close. Buy the 6/18 290 put, Sell the 6/18 295 put, Sell the 6/18 345 call, Buy the 6/18 350 call #hottrades

MVIS! – Polished her axe and ready to run into battle

MVIS is waking back up and showing signs for the next break out towards $30. This has us excited. HOOLDDD….HOOLLLLDD!….HOOLLLDD!!!

Cleveland Biolabs – CBLI – We’re in it!

Currently the July Calls are in the $7 range and have been priced around $1.25 for the past couple weeks. This could be a near term profit take, or a long term hold.

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