The Investing Trifecta – Triple Net Worth In 8 Years

How I tripled my net worth in just 10 years.

The “Ride My Bike” Portfolio

S&P 500 INDEX FUNDS (30%)
CASH (10%)

A “Sleep at Night” Portfolio (No Worries Portfolio)

My “Sleep at Night” Portfolio In this article we present a portfolio allocation that we […]

A Financial Plan Template

75% of Americans lack a financial plan. And 6 out of 10 live paycheck to […]

7 Money “Rituals” That Help Build Wealth

Have you ever wondered why we humans have “rituals”? What purpose can rituals play in […]

5 Figure Passive Income

Ok, so 5 figures is not some rock star amount of money, but hey, you […]

8 Lessons From One Year of Financial Blogging

We launched The Money Vikings a year ago with the goal of learning more about […]

Millionaire Habits & Factors

  I have enjoyed revisiting the classic The Millionaire Next Door books and the gems of information […]

5 Decisions That Added Hundreds of Thousands to Net Worth

5 things to do to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to net worth!

How to Reach a Million Dollar Net Worth by 45

Imagine becoming a millionaire by 45. And not through some random stroke of luck, the […]

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