The Money Vikings Podcast #7 – 12 Things My 90 Year Old Grandfather Taught Me About Money & Life

Who’s the favorite grandchild, Bob or Greg? Listen in as they share their beloved grandfathers advice for living a successful and healthy life–no matter what generation you were born. Is there an easy way to get to one million dollars? Let’s find out! 

The Money Vikings Podcast Episode 4 – Iron Condors & Millionaire Habits

This week, Greg and Jerry cover the basics of Iron Condors, and millionaire habits for growing wealth in your life.

How To Be The Next Millionaire Next Door

  When I was about 20 years old I came across the book The Millionaire […]

How to Reach a Million Dollar Net Worth by 45

Imagine becoming a millionaire by 45. And not through some random stroke of luck, the […]

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