The Money Vikings Podcast #45 – How To Trade Successfully with a 9 to 5 Job

A friendly wager from some Chinchillas, Is crypto back? And how do we manage trades during the week? This episode may be like walking out of a thrift store with a dumbell, a Members Only jacket, a Lord of The Rings DVD and a Dr. Phil book…All this and guaranteed shenanigans on The Money Vikings podcast #45…

NFLX Earnings IV Crush – Defined Risk Iron Condor #hottrades – CLOSED – 20% ROI in 10 days!

This trade closed with 20% ROI in 10 days for our Money Viking Community. #hottrades – Let’s Crush IV together in Netflix and attempt to make some money if the implied volatility plummets after earnings! Looking to enter a 5 dollar wide Aug 20 iron condor before their earnings . Buy 490 Put, Sell 495 Put, Sell 585 Call, Buy 590 Call. It’s slightly bullish. Trying to collect at least 1.66 (⅓ the width of the strikes). 

The Money Vikings Podcast #44 – Trades and Discussions For the Coming Weeks in a Market That Makes No Sense

First there was Indiana Jones, then came the Wolverine, and finally Gator’s joined forces with Vikings!!!! This makes no sense, they are just cool things. Join us as we discuss our top stocks and investment moves now in a market that makes no sense!!! Welcome to the Money Vikings Podcast #44, The Return of Brian!!!

Trading Journal – July 16, 2020 $MVIS $JPM $ABBV $ PTON $BAC $ESPO

Trading Journal – July 16, 2020 $MVIS $JPM $ABBV $ PTON $BAC $ESPO

Jerry’s Trading Journal – July 15, 2020 $NFLX $JNJ $AUDUSD

Jerry’s Trading Journal – July 15, 2020 $NFLX $JNJ $AUDUSD with some iron condors and an AUDUSD futures short that did not go so well.

Managing Options Trades During Market Turmoil (Part II)

Trading Options for fun and profit can be challenigng when the market is high in volitility, however that’s what is needed to collect rich premium. I’m hoping some of these trades manage to get me at least 50% of what I’ve collected so far.

Time is On My Side – Juicy Thetas

Reflection on my options trades this month, and some changes I made after writing my last post.

Managing My Options Trades During Market Turmoil

Trying to manage my options trades during market turmoil. A lot of rolling wings up and down for credits while I still can.

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