The Money Vikings Podcast #46 – Winning the Loser’s Game

SHOW #46, winning the losers game, timeless strategies for successful investing, and the Return of the Munger Down under

UIS Covered Call Opportunity – Unisys Corp

8/7/21 – Recall we have a 26$ call we sold. Earnings helped this trade out, and the $UIS closed Friday at $24.83. If we subtract out the premium received from all the sold calls ($1.21), our true cost basis is $23.62 at expiration, which means we could have a profit of $121 dollars if nothing changes between now and 9/17. We will break even as long as the stock stays above $24.29 (Entry of $25.50 – premium collected $1.21). If you are sick of this trade and want to bail, the call we sold last week collected $0.59, and is now worth $0.80, so we have a loss there of about $0.21, but netting out the stock’s price of $24.83 and other prior premium collected is $25.50 – $1.00 or $24.50, meaning you could close this Monday morning for a theoretical profit of $33 total. Yes, you can sell the stock for less than you paid for it and still make a profit because of covered calls! Jerry is going to wait an hold as the stock seems to be trending upwards, and broke Bob’s key resistance of $23.90 (blue line below). We also have 41 DTE (Days Till Expiration) and as readers know, we like to close closer to the 21 DTE.  

NFLX Earnings IV Crush – Defined Risk Iron Condor #hottrades – CLOSED – 20% ROI in 10 days!

This trade closed with 20% ROI in 10 days for our Money Viking Community. #hottrades – Let’s Crush IV together in Netflix and attempt to make some money if the implied volatility plummets after earnings! Looking to enter a 5 dollar wide Aug 20 iron condor before their earnings . Buy 490 Put, Sell 495 Put, Sell 585 Call, Buy 590 Call. It’s slightly bullish. Trying to collect at least 1.66 (⅓ the width of the strikes). 

LULU – Earnings Iron Condor Options Play for Lulu Lemon – CLOSED FOR 32% ROI in 2 DAYS!

CLOSED FOR 32% ROI in 2 DAYS! Lulu Lemon Iron Condor idea for earnings on 6/3/21 after market close. Buy the 6/18 290 put, Sell the 6/18 295 put, Sell the 6/18 345 call, Buy the 6/18 350 call #hottrades

ARKK – Sell a Naked Cash Secured Put ***HOT TRADES*** [CLOSED FOR 50$ PROFIT]

ARKK – Sell a Naked Cash Secured Put *HOT TRADES* This is a simple, bullish trade for AARK. Sell to open the 7/16 102 Put collecting 1.33

BYND – Beyond Meat, but not Beyond my Strikes – Iron Condor Idea***HOT TRADES*** CLOSED FOR $75 PROFIT!

BYND has high IVR so try this iron condor:
Buy the 7/16 115 Put 
Sell the 7/16 120 Put
Sell the 7/16 180 Call
Buy the 7/16 185 Call
Aim for 1.67 in premium.

The Money Vikings Podcast #11 – Options Collar Strategies, Hedging with the VIX UVXY “Fear Index”, Mr. Wonderful’s Fantastic Ideas for Saving and Retiring

Jerry, and the Magnus Brothers Greg & Bob, discuss setting up a collar options strategy for hedigng risk, the fear index VIX. Mr Wonderful!

The Money Vikings Podcast #7 – 12 Things My 90 Year Old Grandfather Taught Me About Money & Life

Who’s the favorite grandchild, Bob or Greg? Listen in as they share their beloved grandfathers advice for living a successful and healthy life–no matter what generation you were born. Is there an easy way to get to one million dollars? Let’s find out! 

The Money Vikings Podcast #6 – Synthetic Dividends with Covered Calls

Jerry confesses he scalped too much this week and made his brokerage very rich off commissions following the 2 legged pullback strategy. Jerry covers covered calls, making $GLD pay us if it doesn’t appreciate. Greg covers dividend aristocrats, or as we like to call them, “Dividend Vikings” Bob covers a stock with huge potential, $MVIS.

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