Quick Hits for the Week of 10/16/22 — You ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

finviz heatmap

Weekly Market Report After some of the biggest intraday 6% swings in the market this week, the SPY closed down -3.07%. SPY closed at 357.63, below the June lows of 362.17, and below the 200 SMA of 359.15. That being said, we did close above the weekly low on Thursday morning of 348.11. Interest Rate … Read more

Quick Hits: for the Week of 10/9/22

finviz weekly heatmap

Weekly Market Report We started this month and quarter with a bang up over 5% Monday and Tuesday, then gave most of it back by the end of the week, ending +0.27%. Jobless Claims hit a 5 month low of 219,000. While this is good for those seeking jobs, it goes counter to the Fed’s … Read more

Quick Hits for the Week of 10/2/22

finviz heatmap week of october 2nd 2022

Weekly Market Report The Fed’s closely monitored Personal Consumption Expenditures price index rose 0.6% showing a continued rise in inflation. SPY lost -3.62%, trading under the 200 SMA. The S&P 500 volatility index as represented by the VIX was up over 14%. The 10 year and 2 year rates declined slightly, while the 30 year … Read more

Quick Hits for the Week of 9/25/22

Weekly Market Report The Fed told us what we expected to hear (+75 Bps) and SPY declined -4.21%. The Fear index as represented by VIX was up about 8.88% to levels not seen since June of this year. On Friday we briefly exceeded 32. The 2 year rate is now trading over 4% while the … Read more

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