$3,353 Passive Dividend Income!

Here is an update my dividend focused portfolio. Finally got around to updating the dividend […]

The Money Vikings Podcast #42 – Talking Penny Stocks with the PennyQueen

Money Vikings Podcast 42-How does 1,000% return sound? Pretty good. We dive into the world of OTC investing with her majesty, The Penny Queen!

The Money Vikings Podcast #41 – Hot or Not? Crazy Twists in the Markets and Popular Opinions from the Mainstream Media

One day it’s hot, and the next day it’s not! How to manage a crazy market in the heat of summer. And grab your smoothie and go on a jog with the Money Vikings, while we share some health hacks for summer! Let’s get physical…Welcome to the Money Vikings podcast #41…

The Money Vikings Podcast #40 – International Portfolios of Mystery

On the Money Vikings Podcast #40 -Bob, Jerry, and Greg discuss International Portfolios. Pasta, dim sum, tacos, what do they have in common? They are all delicious. It’s a global world everyone, where to find investing opportunities in international equities, let’s go globetrotting Ric Steve’s style through the back door, welcome to The Money Vikings podcast #40…

The “Ride My Bike” Portfolio

S&P 500 INDEX FUNDS (30%)
CASH (10%)

A “Sleep at Night” Portfolio (No Worries Portfolio)

My “Sleep at Night” Portfolio In this article we present a portfolio allocation that we […]

How Elon Musk Bought Me A Cup of Coffee

Every wonder what happens if you combine fractional share stock investing with starbucks coffee and cash app boosts? Well read on to find out…

The Money Vikings Podcast #18 – Dividend Investing for Passive Income

Jerry, Greg, and Bob discuss dividend investing, and highlight 3 interesting stocks for consideration: $O, $AAPL, $T. Build passive income!

The Money Vikings Podcast #17 – How to be a middle class millionaire and a discussion on Square $SQ

Jerry, Greg, and Bob discuss the technicals and fundamentals for $SQ, and several tips for becoming a millionaire on a modest income.

The Money Vikings Podcast #16 – In Defense of Stocks $SPOT $GOOG

Jerry, Greg, and Bob discuss the technicals and fundamentals for 2 stocks, $SPOT and $GOOG, and a criteria to review before picking a stock for your portfolio.

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