The Money Vikings Podcast #46 – Winning the Loser’s Game

SHOW #46, winning the losers game, timeless strategies for successful investing, and the Return of the Munger Down under

The Money Vikings Podcast #45 – How To Trade Successfully with a 9 to 5 Job

A friendly wager from some Chinchillas, Is crypto back? And how do we manage trades during the week? This episode may be like walking out of a thrift store with a dumbell, a Members Only jacket, a Lord of The Rings DVD and a Dr. Phil book…All this and guaranteed shenanigans on The Money Vikings podcast #45…

The “Ride My Bike” Portfolio

S&P 500 INDEX FUNDS (30%)
CASH (10%)

A “Sleep at Night” Portfolio (No Worries Portfolio)

My “Sleep at Night” Portfolio In this article we present a portfolio allocation that we […]

The Money Vikings Podcast #29 – I am not a Cat! BTC $1 Trillion, DOGE, Robinhood & Portfolio Management

On Podcast #29, Greg, Bob, and Jerry discuss Mars Rovers, BTC Bitcoin, Cathie’s Ark, Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev’s cool long hair.  Jerry’s son bought 200 dogecoin! Tristan owns the following stocks in his portfolio: SAVE, GE, ZNGA, MNKD, AMC, SLV, DOGE (crypto), KO, UBER, IRM, AAL, AAPL, LULU, CRM, MSFT, DIS, WMT, PG, VZ

The Money Vikings Podcast #28 – Valentines Day Episode – Dogecoin, Microvision MVIS and Bumble BMBL IPO

On Podcast #28, The Valentines Day Episode, Greg, Bob, and Jerry discuss Dogecoin, MVIS, and BMBL

The Money Vikings Podcast #27 – Dogecoin Doge to the Moon Dogebowl and Unknown Market Wizards Review by Jack Schwager

On Podcast #27, Greg, Bob, and Jerry discuss Dogecoin, the people’s currency, and discuss best practices for trading according to Unknown Market Wizards, by Jack Schwager. 

The Money Vikings Podcast #23 – Electric Vehicles (EVs) Apple Cars, LIDAR

On Podcast #23, Jerry & Greg, and Bob discuss the Electronic Vehicle & LIDAR with ways to get involved with individual stocks (AAPL, QCOM, MVIS)

The Money Vikings Podcast #22 – Looking at Small Caps

On Podcast #22, Jerry & Greg, and Bob look at some of their favorite small caps and discuss their overall portfolio strategies. HASI,SFIX,MVIS,GEVO

The Money Vikings Podcast #21 – Top Trading & Investing Lessons Learned in 2020

On Podcast #21, Jerry & Greg, discuss lessons learned in their investing endeavors throughout the year, and their trade ideas for next week. BTC, ETH, XRP, FCX, ARKQ and ARK Genomics, MIK, the Small Exchange 10 Year Yield Futures.

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